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Rewire Your Brain and Body

Performance Optimization

The Platypus Institute studies emerging technologies and new approaches to rewire our brains and bodies – and optimize human performance.


We believe that mankind's potential for growth, at both the individual and collective level, is nearly unlimited… and that we, as a society, have only begun to tap into this potential.

Through scholarly research and educational programs, the Institute's goal is to help humanity discover, understand and incorporate the most efficient and effective technologies available for realizing our potential as individuals and as a society.

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It's about achieving peak performance for exponential life change.

"Few have the fortitude to push themselves to their breaking point. Most of us hold back all our lives. To find real power in the world, you must push beyond your fears to discover your true potential. The Platypus Institute is dedicated to supporting those who are willing to become their best selves."

David Bach, MD, Founder

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